10 High-Protein Foods That Shrink Belly Fat

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Due to varying opinions on their effect on lipids, eggs can receive a negative reputation at times. 

1. Eggs

2. Lentils

The most effective protein sources for weight loss are those that also contain a reasonable amount of fiber. 

3. Edamame

Edamame is a delicious plant-based protein that can be readily incorporated into a diet for weight loss.

Tempeh is a soy-based food that is versatile enough to substitute for meat in most dishes

4. Tempeh

5. Lean meats

Selecting specific meats as a source of protein in your diet can make all the difference when it comes to fat loss.

Chickpeas are a plant-based protein source that can be added to almost any dish for an additional boost.

6. Chickpeas

7. Quinoa

Whole-grain foods are another food group that offers substantial protein benefits. 

There is nothing wrong with consuming a healthy carbohydrate with a high protein content.

8. Black beans

9. Low-fat dairy products

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants that aid in reducing abdominal obesity.

Fat-free milk, specific cheeses (such as cottage cheese), and low-fat Greek yogurt.

There is a reason why whey protein is one of the most popular and extensively studied protein.

10. Whey protein

 While protein powder is not technically a food, it is extremely portable and can be blended.

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