11 Strange Cat Behaviors That All Cat Lovers Have Witnessed

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All cat enjoys knocking over water-filled vessels. Plus points if they are on my nightstand.

1. Knocking things off ledges

2. Presenting their backside

Some cat caretakers are irritated by this conduct. However, your animal is not rude. 

3. Getting a case of the late-night zoomies

For those unfamiliar with "the zoomies," allow me to elaborate. It's late at night, everyone in the home is in bed.

You can likely attribute your cat's preference for drinking from a flowing faucet to feline instinct. 

4. Only drinking water from a running faucet

5. Sleeping on your head

When it's time for your cat to decide where to spend the night, your head is the apparent choice. 

This one is amusing. It is not sufficient for your cat to merely eliminate any vermin he encounters in your home. 

6. Bringing you their latest kill

7. Chewing non-food items

Generally speaking, you need not be concerned about this peculiar conduct. Unless, of course, your cat appreciates the flavor of electrical wires. 

When you first brought your cat into your home, you most likely purchased him a comfy cat bed.

8. Laying on uncomfortable surfaces

9. Eating grass

Even though cats are carnivores, they occasionally enjoy consuming vegetables. 

Your cat could have permanent access to the world's most comfortable bed, but if given the option.

10. Sitting in really teeny boxes

There is no conclusive explanation for why cats behave in this manner, despite the abundance of hypotheses to the contrary. 

11. Randomly biting you when you’re petting them

You can learn to recognize the subtle indicators that a cat is about to attack.

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