11 Trendy Long Hairstyles for 2023

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Classy warm colours

The majority of the fashion houses we observed employed models with light brown or dark brown hair, and there were no color anomalies.

This seems to confirm that the ash-blonde shades that keep cropping up in the AW fashion events.

Best long hairstyles

Basket-woven sections

Basket-weaving in the top section of half-up hairstyles appears fantastic on highlighted or solid-colored hair. 

Classic French Twist is also featured amongst the top five best long hairstyles.

Under-layer highlighting on buns and hair-knots

Half-up styles and daring colour combos

Ombré half-ups look great because of the patterns they make, now imagine what you can create with a dual-ombré half-up style!

It’s a super-cool and chic look, that stays in place well and suits all ages, too. 


Long Straight Hairstyle

Blond hair is iron ramrod straight and extends to the middle of her back without a spiral in sight.

It’s a high-fashion style and color intended to look artificial with sharply angled waves ending in straightened, spiky tips. 

Zippy zig-zag waves

Center parted long wavy hair

Her hair falling in a cascade of soft waves from dark brunette at the roots to a vibrant copper at the ends. 

The center parting in her hair provides a harmonious balance to her features, adding a touch of classic grace to her look.

It looks like the little girl that first stole our hearts with her precocious acting in films and television is not a little girl anymore. 

Long sleek ombre hair style

Long hair with small curls

Even if she buries her face deep inside of a novel, we can still enjoy her lovely style of hair.

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