12 Cutest Cat Breeds You’ll Want to Snuggle

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The bewitching blue eyes of this breed have undoubtedly cast a spell over us.

1. Ragdoll

2. Munchkin cat

These tiny felines are vivacious extroverts who enjoy interacting with everyone, including dogs and cats. 

3. Siberian

This breed's adorable ears with tufts earn him the maximum score for cuteness.

This version of the Manx cat with long fur is gentle and affectionate. 

4. Cymric

5. Birman

This adorable creature will captivate you with his beguiling eyes and silky pelt.

Ragamuffin is a large, furry, human-obsessed furball that is related to the adorable Ragdoll. 

6. Ragamuffin

Something about the Abyssinian's curious eyes and exotic, wildcat-like appearance captivates us.

7. Abyssinian

8. Bengal

The Bengal's wild appearance was accomplished by breeding domestic cats with Asian leopards.

This breed is sensitive and reticent, but if you earn his trust, he will be your lifelong companion.

9. Egyptian Mau

10. American Bobtail

This cat resembling a dog is outgoing and social. American Bobtails form intimate bonds with their human families.

This cat's rotund body, brilliant eyes, and soft blue-gray fur captivate us.

11. Chartreux

LaPerms have a propensity for engaging in mischief. But because they are so adorable.

12. LaPerm

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