12 DIY Memorial Day Decorating Ideas

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1. Pom Pom Napkin Rings

Wrapping red raffia around a credit card and securing it with floral wire to form a DIY pom pom makes rapid work of napkin rings. 

The sailor's knot is a decorative knot created by intertwining one continuous length of rope to form a closed coil. 

2. Sailor’s-Knot Wreath

3. Rocket Confetti Popper

Set up an area for children to use these confetti sparklers at your Memorial Day celebration so they have something to do.

This red, white, and blue Memorial Day medallion is simple to create at home by assembling and trimming bunting to create a bullseye pattern. 

4. Patriotic Door Medallion

5. Red and White Bandana Tablecloth

A bandana runner lends rustic appeal and red-and-white hues to your tables. We appreciate that it simply falls off the next day.

Give your interior design a subtle patriotic update between Memorial Day and July 4th. 

6. Patriotic Pillows

7. Red, White, and Blue Dessert Table

Serve red, white, and blue desserts and decorate the table with miniature American flags to keep with the theme.

On Memorial Day, arrange a magnificent bouquet of flowers in our nation's colors for a patriotic touch.

8. Red, White, and Blue Bouquet

9. Flag Garland

The red and white stripes ought to be aligned. Apply starch and press the pleats as you go. 

Whether you use them to decorate your front porch or to illuminate a Memorial Day party at night, these lights are simple to make and look fantastic.

10. Paper Lanterns

Now that the table has stars and stripes, your beverage station should not be lonely. Add star-shaped decals to your ice bucket for Memorial Day to take it up a notch.

11. Thematic Ice Bucket

If desired, line the interior of the cone with waxed paper to prevent oil stains.

12. Stars and Stripes Paper Cones

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