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12 Dump Cake Recipes for the Perfect Lazy Dessert

1. Slow Cooker Caramel Apple Dump Cake

By itself, dump cake is a delicious delicacy. However, this recipe manages to combine three delectable sweet treats.

2. Gooey Caramel Chocolate Dump Cake

Typically, drop cakes are prepared with fruit. However, this recipe demonstrates that a chocolate-filled, gooey dump cake.

3. Strawberry Rhubarb Cobbler

There are some minor distinctions between cobblers and dump cakes; dump cakes typically use cake mix.

4. Crock Pot Apple Crisp

If you're looking for a delicious variation on the classic dessert, this apple crisp recipe is a healthier alternative.

5. Four Ingredient Dump Cake

You can always create an impressive dump cake with a moderately complicated recipe.

6. Easy Texas Blueberry Cobbler

Traditional cobbler differs from dump cake in that cobbler's topping is more biscuit-like.

7. Apple Dump Cake

While this recipe calls for a spice cake mix, it also produces excellent results with a yellow cake mix.

8. Blueberry Crumble

Instead of cake mix, an oatmeal pecan crumble is used to crown this dump cake. 

9. Pumpkin Dump Cake

Similar to a pumpkin pie, this dump cake recipe requires more than simply opening the cans and boxes.

10. Small Peach Cobbler with Cake Mix

This cobbler recipe calls for cake mix, transforming it into a dump cake. 

11. Aunt Bee's 5 Ingredient Dump Cake

A classic dump cake is straightforward, and although the fruit in a typical dump cake can include any variety of preserved fruits.

12. Strawberry Chocolate Dump Cake

One of the best aspects of this recipe is that it contains only three ingredients, yet it's crammed with so much flavor.

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