12 Most Popular Foods in the USA 

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Burgers are integral to American cuisine and culture. They are the mainstay of many fast food businesses

Apple Pie

Apple pie consists of a delicious, cinnamon-spiked apple filling encircled on all sides by a flaky pastry crust.

French Fries

Very popular as a side dish for practically any food, but particularly prevalent with burgers.

Hot Dogs

A hot dog can be prepared in a variety of ways, but it consists of a cooked pork or beef sausage encased in a large bun.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Almost all grocery stores carry them in fresh-baked and packaged form. Several restaurants also offer them as desserts.


Pizza is another common option for Americans to serve large parties.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken can be found in a variety of locations, including nearly every grocery store and numerous restaurants.


Oreos are comprised of two disc-shaped chocolate wafers sandwiching a layer of sweet cream.

Ice Cream

Vanilla and chocolate are two of the most popular ice cream flavors, but you may also find ice cream with cookies

Tater Tots

They can be fried or baked, and ketchup is typically used as a dipping sauce.


Despite not being the healthiest option on this list, this may be one of the most well-known American dishes.


Several beef cuts, including New York strip, porterhouse, and tenderloin, are seasoned and grilled to your liking to create steak.

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