12 Oxygen-rich Foods For Weight Loss

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1. Avocados

Consume a daily half-avocado in smoothies, salads, or tacos to increase your oxygen levels and improve your overall health.

This reduces the risk of tissue injury resulting from inadequate oxygen saturation.

2. Pomegranate

3. Kiwi

Consume daily one enormous kiwi. You can also add it to smoothies, beverages.

Consume a cup of cantaloupe or prepare a smoothie to increase the body's oxygen levels.

4. Cantaloupe

5. Mango

Mangoes are hypotensive, anti-inflammatory, hepatoprotective, and immune-enhancing.

You may also incorporate it into juices, smoothies, and chilled salads.

6. Peaches

7. Pineapple

Incorporate one cup of pineapple into smoothies, beverages, or salads.

Every day, consume one cup of organic or locally produced mixed berries. 

8. Berries

9. Figs And Dates

Consume one to two dates and a few desiccated figs with smoothies. 

These nutrients are immune-boosting and cognitive-enhancing. 

To learn more about vegetables with similar health benefits, please scroll down.

10. Citrus Fruits

Limonoids, and carotenoids, are also extremely beneficial to human health.

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