12 Wonderful Vegetables For Hair Growth

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In addition to eating spinach, its paste combined with coconut oil can be used as a weekly hair mask.

Carrots are the second-most effective vegetable for promoting hair growth.



It is a rich source of zinc, iron, and biotin, which are all required for hair growth. 

Sweet potatoes are a rich source of the antioxidant beta-carotene. 

Sweet Potatoes


Tomatoes contain abundant amounts of the antioxidant lycopene. Antioxidants are also effective agents for cell repair.

In addition, garlic has a high sulfur content, which is regarded as optimal for hair regrowth. 



Red vegetables contain higher levels of lycopene, which is known to stimulate hair growth.

Curry leaves contain numerous beneficial compounds, making them an ideal tonic for hair growth and providing you with lustrous hair.

Curry Leaves

French Beans

The richest source of Vitamins A and E is French legumes. Vitamin E is essential for enhancing the shine and volume of hair.

Green chilies are an excellent source of keratin and vitamin E for promoting hair growth. 

Green Chili

Orange veggies

They reduce hair loss and breakage.


Blend in some raw cucumbers, then apply and massage the paste into your scalp. 

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