14 Sure-Shot Signs An Aquarius Man Is In Love

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1. He will always be eager to meet you

2. Aquarius men tend to drop hints for you to surprise him

3. He will wonder if you are going too fast

4. He will make moves of affection

5. He would not stop talking about you to his friends

6. He will be vulnerable in front of you

7. Intellectual conversations with you are an everyday occurrence

8. He will always be curious to know more about you

9. He will consider you his best friend and share his true feelings with you

10. An Aquarius man in love makes grand gestures

11. He will scold you as much as he pampers you

12. An Aquarius man in love will go out of his way for you

13. He will tease you like you’re his best friend

14. He will make a lot of plans with you as a romantic partner

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