15 Minute Upper Body Workout Routine

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1. Warm-Up

Walk hands back to the plank position and feet to hands.  Continue to repeat this a number of times.

This 15-minute at-home workout utilizes your own body weight. Push-ups are always available to increase your pulse rate .

2. Push-Ups

3. Lateral shuffle

Start with the right foot moving right, followed by the left foot.  Right-footed shuffle for four right-left steps, then left-footed shuffle for four left-right steps. 

Lower dumbbells passed your head while maintaining mostly straight arms and slightly bent elbows. Keeping abdominals taut, return dumbbells to the starting position.

4. Overhead Pull

5. Burpees

If there were one exercise to conquer for a 15-minute home workout, it would be the burpee. It is a total-body exercise that can be performed anywhere.

Triceps exercises are a vital component of any upper-body workout routine. Your triceps are crucial for arm equilibrium, particularly in females.

6. Tricep Overhead Extensions

7. Punching

punching move to expend calories. This 15-minute at-home cardio workout can be performed in a small space, but it is still effective.

Swing the arms in front of the bent knee and leap forward with the back leg to swap sides while skating.

8. Skaters

9. Bicep Curls

Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Start by holding the dumbbells next to your legs with your arms completely extended, elbows slightly bent, and palms facing forward.

While maintaining a bowed knee position, extend the arms and legs to the sides. The arms are placed above the head, and the thighs are wider than the shoulders.

10. Jumping Jacks

11. Shoulder Presses 

Start with your feet hip-width apart. Create a goal post position with arms, dumbbells at the side of the head, and taut abdominals by bringing elbows to the side.

Slowly raise dumbbells until arms are erect. Slowly and with control, return to the starting position. Perform the desired number of repetitions.

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