3 Reasons for Thick Ankles

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1. Genetic Predisposition

Many women with thick ankles are genetically predisposed to this form of lower leg; therefore, 

if one of your parents had thicker ankles, you may have inherited them as well. 

Even if you are physically strong, this may be caused by obesity or the structural absence of a well-defined calf muscle.

If you are predisposed to this body type, you should embrace it and focus on nutrition, wellness, and adhering to a fun, confidence-boosting exercise routine.

2. Fluid Retention

Typically, a high sodium intake causes ankle fluid retention.

It can be a reflection of a person's sodium intake or the incapacity of the body to eliminate sodium, which can occur in people with heart disease.

Remember that 80% of your overall health is determined by your diet, not your physical activity.

However, spot reduction is impossible; exercise is only one component of the equation. 

During those nine months, my wife's ankles expanded significantly due to poor circulation, as is common.

3. Pregnancy

Will exercise help? Stay active. Regular exercise throughout pregnancy promotes circulation, 

Additionally, massage and elevation improve circulation and fluid retention.

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