3 Sweet Beverages You Can Drink All Day Without Gaining Weight

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This fermented milk beverage is usually prepared by adding kefir grains to cow's or goat's milk. 

The mixture is then allowed to rest for roughly 24 hours. The kefir grains proliferate and ferment the sugars in the milk, 

transforming the milk into kefir. After 24 hours, the grains can be extracted from the liquid and reused. 

Kefir is the beverage, whereas kefir grains are the culture starter. Finally, you have something to sip!


Another fermented beverage that can be substituted for soda is kombucha. 

It is composed of four components: green or black tea, bacteria, yeast, and sugar. 

This beverage's basis is tea, to which sugar, yeast, and bacteria are added. 

The sugar serves as food for the bacteria and yeast, which initiates the fermentation process.

Coconut Water

It is easy to mistake coconut water and coconut milk for one another, yet the two are distinct. 

Around 95% of coconut water is water, making it an excellent beverage for preventing or treating dehydration. 

While coconut water is mildly sweet, Krmcke recommends adding pineapple juice for additional taste.

Healthy weight loss is dependent on more than simply diet alone. It is essential to evaluate the daily beverages you consume.

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