3 Zodiac Signs That Are Always Scrolling Their Phones

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1. Cancer

Cancers love to “observe the world from a safe space,” and social media is a “huge tool in helping Cancer plug into the outside

As for how they use social media, Samay surmises they might spend their time “learning about worldwide culinary trends and classic dishes,”

as well as “history and archaic traditions,” and even learning about their local neighborhood.

The more Cancer can interact with people in their everyday lives, the less likely they are to become overly reliant on their phones as a source of emotional support.

2. Libra 

As a trendsetter of the zodiac, Libras always need to be on the cutting edge of culture,

from political movements and societal topics to “the latest gossip/rumors and fashion trends.

The best way to do that is to stay plugged in on social media 24/7, so if you see a Libra on their phone,

You are all about playing up your smoldering eyes with liner, then going light on the blush, lip, and brows.

3. Aquarius

Inquisitive Aquarians probably won’t be too surprised to see their sign on this list,

the air sign is “known for its love of gathering knowledge, information, and constantly studying new age advancements in technology.

Aquarians phones give them the ability to stay informed and connected to the outside world,

and because of that they tend to spend a lot of time information scrolling.

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