5 Best Dessert Habits to Lose Belly Fat

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If you are attempting to lose weight, you do not have to cease eating dessert. 

1. Opt for portion-controlled desserts.

Instead, being mindful of your portion sizes can be extraordinarily beneficial.

2. Enjoy a cup of green tea with your dessert.

The combination of tea and dessert may not be the first thing that comes to mind.

But it can be not only delightfully cozy but also healthier. 

3. Lean on the natural sweetness of fruit.

"Eating fruit can help satiate a sweet tooth while providing your body with satiating fiber.

Which can help regulate appetite and promote satiety. 

4. Give yourself full permission to eat any dessert.

Sometimes, excessive restriction in an attempt to reduce weight can have the opposite effect.

"The craving will likely continue to intensify until you give in. 

5. Always eat a nutrient-dense meal before dessert.

It is also essential to consume your dessert after a nutrient-rich supper. 

If you eat dessert on an empty stomach or after a meal lacking in nutrients.

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