5 Easy Exercises to Lose Weight in Speed

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1. Mountain Climbers

It is a high-intensity exercise that helps burn a large number of calories and,

if performed correctly, improves abdominal strength and stability. 

2. Lateral Shuffle

Develops functional fitness by enhancing side-to-side motion.

Can be incorporated into any workout. Four sets of 45-second on, 20-second off intervals.

3. Sprawlees

Develops abdominal, shoulder, and leg strength.

Can be added to the workout as follows: 5 sets, 7 repetitions, 20 seconds rest.

4. Tall plank shoulder taps

Start in plank position and maintain core engagement.

While maintaining a strong core, raise one arm and touch the opposite shoulder.

Likewise, perform the same motion with the other limb.

5. Bodyweight reverse lunges

Enhances hip stability and lower-leg strength.

Maintaining a taut core, lunge down with one leg behind the other.

Utilize leg propulsion to rise to a standing position from this position.

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