5 Most Rebellious Zodiac Signs As Per Astrology

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1. Aquarius

This list of rebellious zodiac signs must naturally begin with Aquarius. Rebellion is practically their middle name. 


This air sign's intelligence is razor-sharp, and they are constantly thinking, planning, plotting, and scheming, awaiting the ideal moment to strike.

2. Aries

This fire sign has a significant god complex, so it should come as no surprise that they constantly want things to turn out the way they envision. 


Usually, this impetuous zodiac sign acts on a whim because they are not very good at strategic planning. 

3. Sagittarius

As they began to comprehend the world, they have realized that they are quite dissatisfied with the current state of affairs.


This defiant zodiac sign is usually straightforward. They do not care if they damage the feelings of others. 


There will be hell to pay if the situation unfolds as Taurus has predicted. Taureans are likewise exceptionally courageous. 


They care not if they go into trouble. They believe it is worthwhile so long as they can persuade others into following their lead. 


They know precisely what they want and are unafraid to pursue it even if it means making a few enemies along the way. 


For Libra, rebellion is not less important than being true to themselves and following their heart.

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