5 reasons why you must elevate your legs daily

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At times, due to the force of gravity, the circulation in our bodies remains relatively active in the lower extremities. 

1. Improves blood circulation

The reasoning behind this is that the oxygen-depleted blood in our body returns to the heart via our vessels.

Unlike our arteries, our veins have minimal pressure. These veins use tiny valves and the contracting movement of adjacent muscles to return blood to the heart, thereby facilitating the blood's movement.

When excess blood collects in specific areas of the body, it causes inflammation or edema.

2. Curbs swelling

In addition, edema can be caused by certain injuries and diseases.

Similarly, elevating your legs above the level of your diaphragm improves blood circulation and effectively removes excess fluid.

"Raising your legs stretches your hamstrings, buttocks, hips, and spine gently. Additionally, it relieves tension in the lower lumbar region.

3. Relaxes hamstrings and back.

It aids in reducing the lumbar spine's curvature and tension in the lumbar region.

If you practice this pose consistently, you will experience a reduction in back pain and an increase in flexibility, according to the expert.

Legs up the wall pose stimulates the nervous system and promotes active digestion.

4. Improves digestion

According to the expert, elevating your legs is the most effective way to reduce tension and relieve leg and foot muscle spasms.

5. Reduces muscle cramps

In addition, it relaxes pelvic muscles and relieves menstrual cramping."

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