5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Start Over In A New Town

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Their impulsivity and desire to view life as a grand adventure causes them to crave new beginnings, particularly when life feels a bit stagnant

Aries need forward momentum, so once they've gotten everything they want from a place, it's on to the next one.


Leos are part of the quartet of fixed signs, and we know that fixed signs are typically more rooted and less changeable.

A Leo will never refuse the opportunity to relocate, even though they may not transfer on their own. 


While also a fixed sign, Scorpios are here to transform, recover, and reinvent themselves from the inside out.

If a Scorpio envisions themselves thriving in a new city, town, or even country, they will find a means to get there. 


The traveller of the zodiac, Sagittarians are true adventurers and freedom-seekers.

These are the individuals who convert vehicles for life on the road. They feel at ease while travelling, and their true personality emerges.


Ask an Aquarius where they've lived in the past, and they'll likely name ten different places.

They move at the earliest opportunity, especially if it's far from home and a bit off the beaten path.

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