5 Zodiacs Who Are Never Single

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1. Cancer 

Cancers are made for relationships. They are warm, loving, and natural nurturers. This also has some drawbacks. 

For one, their need to be needed can lead them into codependent relationships. 


2. Taurus 

A Taurus is not one to mess around. They have no patience for dating apps and endless swiping. 

They have more important things to do. Taurus is methodical in who they choose. 


3. Libra 

Libras are notorious for their love of love and can easily get love drunk. 

You don’t need to negate your idealism, just try to come back down to earth and take a more objective approach.


4. Pisces 

Known for their empathy, generosity, and love for people, Pisces make great relationship partners and love being in relationships. 

In relationships, they run the risk of giving a little too much of themselves which makes them overly invested and prone to heartbreak. 


Practice dialing it down and matching someone where they’re at energetically. 


Geminis are genuinely curious about other people to the point that they become intrigued and then fall in love very quickly.

5. Gemini 


They’re also indecisive which causes endless questioning of their decisions which leads to nostalgia and missing their exes and on and on. 

Geminis don’t need to let their fickleness define them and would benefit from being more grounded.


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