6 Best Abs Exercises Without Equipment

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1. Jumping Jacks

The jumping jack is an effective light plyometric exercise that consumes calories and warms up the body.

While jumping jacks are insufficient as a workout on their own, they are an excellent supplement to a fat-burning circuit.

2. Sprints

This intensity level promotes post-exercise calorie metabolism and skeletal muscle growth.

When sprinting, raise your knees as high as possible on the stride limb while pushing off with the foot that is planted.

3. Squats

The squat is the second of our best exercises for men to lose abdominal fat.

Whether or not you have access to apparatus, you must incorporate squats into your workout routine.

4. Pushups

There is a reason why pushups are included in the majority of military fitness training programs.

Pushups, which require minimal apparatus, strengthen the entire anterior chain.

Burpees are the best choice if you need a full-body metabolic boost without the use of equipment.

5. Burpees

The combination of movements in a burpee provides a total-body conditioning workout and boosts explosive force.

The lunge is the last exercise in this abdominal fat-burning circuit. 

6. Lunges

You may perform strolling lunges or alternate lunges while standing still.

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