6 Best Exercises for Abs to Tighten Stomach Muscles

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1. Isometric Tabletop Press

During this abdominal exercise, you may not be moving, but your core is still working to stabilize your body.

For maximum engagement, maintain your lower back pressed into the ground.

Isometric Tabletop Press

2. Double Leg Circles

During this abdominal exercise, your body will want to move, particularly your pelvis and back. 

Don't let it! Use your core to maintain your hips and upper body flat and stable on the mat.

Double Leg Circles

3. Sprinter Crunch

This abdominal exercise is a progression of the bicycle crunch, and the difficulty lies in elevating your entire torso off the ground. 

As you twist slightly to reach each forearm toward the opposite knee, you will also perform some oblique exercises.

Sprinter Crunch

4. High Plank with Knee to Elbow

The high plank is an essential abdominal exercise because it challenges your buttocks, hamstrings, and lower back muscles in addition to your core muscles.

Touching each knee to the forearms while balancing on three points challenges your stability, and the twist adds some oblique work as well.

High Plank with Knee to Elbow

5. Side Plank Knee to Chest

As you only use your forearm and the side of your foot as points of contact with the earth, the side plank poses a challenge to your equilibrium.

Bringing your top knee toward your torso simulates a crunch (and targets your rectus abdominis) and makes it even more difficult to stabilize your core muscles.

Side Plank Knee to Chest

6. Standing Woodchop

The woodchopper is one of the most functional abdominal exercises, meaning that it translates to numerous movements in daily life.

In addition to tightening abdominal muscles, the woodchopper is a transverse plane of motion exercise that targets the obliques via a rotational motion.

Standing Woodchop

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