6 Zodiac Signs Who Give Off Negative Energy 

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1. Scorpio

There are instances when Scorpios have difficulties controlling their emotions due to their heightened sensitivity.


 It's as though their emotions are so close to the surface that the slightest provocation might cause an explosion.

2. Capricorn 

When Capricorn is emitting bad energy, engaging with others can be exhausting and challenging. 


This is because Capricorn is so consumed by their own turmoil and negative emotions that they lack the energy to support others.

3. Cancer

Cancer's negative energy is self-directed, and they tend to believe that they are unworthy of good fortune. 


 They question whether they will ever be happy and successful.

4. Pisces 

When Pisces is trapped in a bad energy cycle, they tend to withdraw from their loved ones and seek solitude.


Being alone is not inherently a terrible thing, but it is unhealthy when it continues for an extended period of time.

5. Virgo

We know that Virgos have a tendency to be self-critical, but when they are in a negative energy cycle, their critical eye can also be directed on others. 


 No one benefits from Virgos' tendency to be hypercritical and impulsive.

6. Taurus

They don't seem to realize that bad energy is self-perpetuating and feeds on itself.


Taureans can become extremely cynical and toxic in their behavior.

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