8 Eating Habits That You Think Help You Lose Weight

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If we're gaining weight because we're consuming too much, then eating very little should help us lose weight.

1. Eating very little

2. Eating loads of smoothie bowls

 Yes, fruit and antioxidants are beneficial, but not at the expense of excessive calories and sugar grams.

3. Thinking 'gluten-free' means 'healthier'ntaloupe

Carbohydrates have been demonized so frequently in diet books, online programs, and food advertising

4. Following an ultra-strict low-carb diet

5. Skipping meals

This is a variant of the erroneous habit described previously as "eating very little.

Counting daily fat grams obsessively is not only unfun, but also unhealthy. 

6. Avoiding all fats all the time

7. Choosing low-fat or fat-free products

Excess sugar consumed transforms into fat, which is precisely what you wish to avoid.

When fat is removed from foods, sugar is frequently added to enhance the flavor.

8. Overdoing the protein

Protein consumption goes hand in hand with the low-carb obsession. 

Many people believe that if I reduce my carbohydrate intake, I can eat as much protein.

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