8 Fluff-Worthy Long-Haired Cat Breeds

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They have a gorgeous coat, sturdy features, and a loving, tolerant, laid-back personality.

1. Ragdoll

2.  Persian

After a lengthy beauty rest, these adorable, intelligent cats may need a little assistance with their bedhead.

3. LaPerm

This coat can range from waves to ringlets, giving this breed a distinctive and recognizable appearance.

These gentle giants are one of the most popular long-haired cats and are known for their dense, lush, long coats. 

4. Maine Coon

5. Birman

The beautiful Birman is renowned for his sweetness and his remarkably soft, low-maintenance, luxurious coats.

Their coat, like that of the Maine Coon, was designed for lengthy, harsh winters.

6. Norwegian Forest Cat

7.  Siberian

The Siberian cat has a unique three-layer insulated coat with a neck ruff and a fluffy tail.

Siberians have a reputation for not caring water and even playing in it. 

8. Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk rex is a recently acknowledged breed. In the world of cats, "rex" refers to a long.

Their coat may appear coarse and untidy, but it is actually silky and luxurious. 

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