8 Things People Get Totally Wrong About Cats

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Cats are affectionate creatures capable of establishing deep bonds with their owners.

1. Myth: Cats aren’t affectionate

2. Myth: Cats can’t be trained

Cat haters would have you believe that felines are dumb animals that don't care about pleasing their proprietors. 

3. Myth: Cats don’t like water

This is only partially accurate. Certain cats will not voluntarily approach a body of water, but for every cat that dislikes being damp.

Cow's milk simply does not agree with a cat's digestive system, regardless of how much they appear to appreciate its flavor.

4. Myth: There’s nothing better for a cat than fresh milk

5. Myth: Cats are destructive out of spite

Cats do not destroy your furniture out of malice, despite what you may believe. 

Although cats snooze frequently, they rarely enter deep sleep like humans do, instead remaining in light sleep mode.

6. Myth: Cats are lazy couch potatoes

7. Myth: Cats can see in the dark

Although they can discern details in the dark significantly better than humans, cats do not possess true night vision. 

Similar to human eyes, feline irises require light to see images. 

7. Myth: Cats always land on their feet

The agility of a cat resembles that of a ninja in part because they can twist their spine in a manner that humans cannot.

If cats do not have sufficient time to assume this position, they may land awkwardly and sustain severe injuries.

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