Benefits of Strength Training

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Makes you stronger

Strength training increases muscular strength.

Muscle mass is more metabolically efficient than fat mass, allowing you to expend more calories while at rest.

Burns calories efficiently

Decreases abdominal fat

Multiple studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of strength-training exercises for reducing abdominal and total body fat.

In addition, losing body fat and gaining larger, stronger musculature increases muscle definition, resulting in a stronger, leaner appearance.

Can help you appear leaner

Decreases your risk of falls

Numerous forms of strength training, such as tai chi, weight training, and resistance band and bodyweight exercises, have been shown to be effective. 

Incorporating strength training into your exercise regimen may reduce your injury risk.

Lowers your risk of injury

Improves heart health

Strength training may reduce the risk of developing diabetes and can aid those with the disease in managing it more effectively.

Strength training increases the range of motion (ROM) of the joints, resulting in increased mobility and flexibility. 

Promotes greater mobility and flexibility

Boosts your self-esteem

Strength training can provide a significant confidence increase.

Weight-bearing exercises temporarily stress the bones, signaling bone-building cells to take action and build stronger bones. 

Makes your bones stronger

Boosts your mood

Regular weight training may enhance your mental health and mood.

Strength training may improve brain health and protect against age-related cognitive decline in individuals.

Improves brain health

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