Best Cardio Exercises To Do At Home

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Single leg stand

To increase the level of difficulty, a person can raise their leg higher off the ground or hop from one leg to the next more rapidly.

Swing the limbs simultaneously from side to side.

Dancing to music

Arm circles

Arm circles can be performed seated or standing, making them suitable for all talent levels.

The trunk rotation exercises abdominal muscles and tests cardiovascular endurance.

Trunk rotation

Air squats

Squats in the air strengthen the thighs, hamstrings, quadriceps, and buttocks.

To increase heart rate, jogging in position is a simple and effective exercise. 

Jogging in place

Air jump rope

The exercise offers an alternative to sprinting in place and is appropriate for use as a warm-up.

Jumping jacks are a cardiovascular exercise for beginners that can be performed almost anywhere.

Jumping jacks

Squat to front kick

This exercise will test a person's equilibrium by incorporating a single-leg kick at the top of the squat position.

Multiple ascents and descents up and down the stairs can be incorporated into an exercise.

Stair climb

Lateral shuffles

This motion is reminiscent of a football or speed-skating warm-up.

Marching in place can increase the heart rate, making it a good option for a warm-up or a single cardiovascular activity.

Marching in place

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