Best Food Swaps for a Low-Potassium Diet

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1. Pick Simple Cereals

Choose shredded wheat, oat squares, or rice cakes in lieu of options containing granola, raisins, or chocolate.

Choose oat, soy, or rice milk as a potassium-reduced alternative.

2. Mind Your Milk

3. Choose Fruit Wisely

 Avoid fruits, melons, oranges, and kiwi.

Try dry ramen noodles or croutons instead to add texture to your salad. 

4. Don’t Go Nuts

5. Choose the Good Greens

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and spinach are healthy greens for many individuals, but not for those who are potassium-conscious. 

This enables some potassium to leach out of the food and into the water. 

6. Boil, Don’t Steam

7. Pass on Tomatoes 

Tomatoes raise your potassium levels. 

Eliminating tomatoes eliminates salsa as well. Even salsa verde.

8. Be Salsa Savvy

9. Crunch on Corn Chips

You'll need something to dip into that salsa with peppers. 

Corn chips are thankfully open game.

Crunch on Corn Chips

10. Say No to Chocolate

It may be difficult to accept, but it's true: chocolate is high in potassium.

Dessert time calls for vanilla or lemon-flavored treats. 

Say No to Chocolate

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