Best Lipstick Colour  According Your Zodiac  Sign 

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1. Aries

We suggest an orange-red hue that makes a statement and is also energetic. 

2. Taurus

It must be subdued and tranquil. The ideal color for a Taurus is a cool-toned pink nude. This color complements every characteristic of a Taurus and is a perfect match.

3. Gemini 

As a lipstick, this zodiac sign would be a bright red with subtle pink undertones. 

4. Cancer 

They dislike being the center of attention, therefore a Cancer's zodiac lipstick would be a cool-toned pink with peach undertones. 

5. Leo

The most suitable color for a Leo is a coral orange with red undertones. 

6. Virgo

The ideal lipstick shade for this zodiac sign must be a nudish brown with orange undertones. 

7. Libra

Red lipstick could not be a better match for the zodiac sign. The ideal hue of red for a Libra would contain warm undertones and a tinge of pink.

8. Scorpio

A berry hue with a purple undertone is a wonderful depiction of Scorpio's imposing atmosphere.

9. Sagittarius 

For this zodiac sign's bold and extroverted nature, a lipstick with a rich red hue is the ideal choice.

10. Capricorn 

Your simplicity is represented with a subdued pink lipstick with brown undertones.

11. Aquarius 

The ideal lip color for this zodiac sign must be a real dark red with brown undertones.

12. Pisces

The ideal lipstick for zodiac sign makeup would be a peach-toned neutral. 

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