Best Pasta to Lose Abdominal Fat—Ranked

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There are numerous vegetable-based pasta options, but frequently they are merely colored to appear healthier than they actually are.

1. Veggie pasta

This pasta contains 25% fewer net carbohydrates and 50% more protein than standard pasta!

2. High-protein pasta

Pasta typically contains approximately 7 grams of protein per serving.

The Protein+ line from all the benefits of traditional pasta with a protein.

3. Whole wheat pasta

Whole wheat pasta is the most nutritious option. With 5 grams of fiber per serving, it is difficult to find a healthier alternative.

This type of wheat is typically gluten-free and substantially less modified than newer, more conventional wheat varieties.

4. Classic pasta

Classic Italian brands, such as absolute favorites. Combine these classics with lean protein.

A light sauce, and an abundance of colorful vegetables for a well-rounded entrée!

5. Gluten-free pasta

The vast majority of gluten-free pasta is low in fiber and often becomes mushy when overcooked.

Combination of gluten-free, gluten-free grains that create the familiar flavor and texture of pasta.

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