Best Standing Ab Exercises For Women

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Cross-body bicycle crunches

Maintain a taut core and raise the left knee while rotating the right shoulder towards the knee.

Begins with his hands behind his head and reaches for the opposite toe while kicking his leg to hip height. 

Cross-body leg lifts

Cross-body wood chop

Cross-body wood chops for the core and oblique muscles while gripping a 10-pound dumbbell. 

Alternately raise your knees to the height of your hips while engaging your core to maintain balance. 

High knee lifts with a Dumbbell

Standing Oblique Crunches

First, position your ankles shoulder-width apart. Raise the right arm overhead. 

Raise the dumbbell to the opposite shoulder and halo it around the back of your head before lowering it to your left hip. 

Dumbbell Halos

Fully Body Circles

Raise both arms overhead and clasp them together. Gently bend your knees and tighten your abdomen. 

The second step is to bend to the right and reach your right palm to the middle of your right calf. 

Oblique Burners

Lunge Crunch

Step three is to return your leg to the beginning position and repeat. 

Begin by placing your ankles hip-width apart and holding a dumbbell end-to-end in front of you.

Reverse Lunge Twist

Cross Behind Lunge with a Knee Lift

First, stand with your feet hip-width apart and your hands gently touching the back of your head.

Stand with your ankles hip-width apart and your arms extended up and over the right shoulder.

Cross Body Knee Thrusters 

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