Best Trail Mix Combinations For Faster Weight Loss

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Pistachios, dried cherries, and coconut-flakes that have been toasted.

1. Pistachios + Dried Cherries

This satisfying, nutrient-rich, crunchy combination can be gently salted for a sweet-and-salty taste.

2. Almonds + Dark Chocolate Chips

To better support weight loss, choose a variant that is sweetened with fruit juice rather than added sugar or syrup. 

A small serving of dark chocolate morsels provides the desired sweetness while keeping added sugar.

3. Walnuts + Raisins

They contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and this two-ingredient recipe is incredibly simple and fast to prepare.

Dietitian-Approved List of the Healthiest Snacks to Bring.

4. Sunflower Seeds + Pecans 

Nuts, seeds, and fruit are the ideal trio for a well-balanced trail mix.

Use shelled, mildly salted sunflower seeds and unsalted, plain pecans to avoid an excess of sodium.

5. Pumpkin Seeds + Dried Blueberries

This is a simple and well-balanced trail mix that is abundant in antioxidants.

Pumpkin seeds contain protein and healthy fats, while blueberries are rich in fiber-rich carbohydrates.

6. Peanuts + Freeze-dried Strawberries

Freeze-dried fruit is an excellent addition to trail mix because it contains a fraction of the calories.

Peanuts and strawberries provide flavor, antioxidants, lipids, protein, and fiber when combined.

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