Best Workout Moves for Stronger Hips

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1. Balancing Squat

Adding a balance challenge to a traditional squat will keep your hips, glutes, and stomach engaged throughout the entire exercise.

This exercise is all about control, activating the core while working the pelvic muscles.

2. Standing Slow Side Kick

3. Side-Stepping Curtsy

This lunge targets your quadriceps and glutes, and the reaching motion adds an additional core challenge to your hip exercise.

A small amount of plyometrics is sufficient to challenge your entire lower body and get your pulse rate up.

4. Alternating Side Jump

5. Hinging Deadlift

In addition to working your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back, deadlifts are one of the most effective exercises for your hips.

Lie faceup on the floor with bent knees and level feet. Slowly elevate the hips and extend the right leg, pointing the toes upwards.

6. Hip Raise

7. Shifting Side Lunge

Stand with ankles together and dumbbells in each hand. 

This exercise strengthens and tones the hip, quad, and buttocks.

8. Traveling Squat-Kick

9. External Hip Raise

With this pulse, you'll develop strength in the outer thigh muscles. 

10. Single Leg Raise

This targeted exercise targets the buttocks, outer quadriceps, and hip flexors at the same time, thereby intensifying your hip workout.

This hip adduction exercise is excellent for the inner thighs, but it also engages the abdominals. 

11. Side-Lying Leg Lift

Single Leg Raise

Hip Mobility Exercises That Will Maintain Your Lethargy A. Beginning on all fours, evenly distribute your weight between your palms and knees.

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