Biggest Turn Offs for Each Zodiac Sign

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Aries is a sign that moves quickly through life; they are not the type to pause and smell the roses.

This one straightforward trick could either make or break your relationship with your Taurus crush!



For a Gemini, nothing is more seductive than playful banter between partners.

Cancer is the zodiac's divine nurturer and companion, so it should go without saying that cruelty and general meanness are a major turnoff for this water sign.



It's surprisingly simple to maintain a Leo's favor, and if your sentiments are sincere, it's not difficult to make them fall for you! 

Nevertheless, there is a simple rule you must follow to ensure you receive a return invitation: treat your hygiene seriously.



Negging, the act of being cruel and pointing out someone's faults in order to get them to lower their standards and like you more, is an effective way to repel a Libra.

Scorpios have a unique ability to scent out the truth in any given situation, so it is unwise to attempt to seduce them by telling them lies.



The quickest method to get ghosted by a Sagittarius is to take them on an uninteresting date.

Rule number one when it comes to wooing your Capricorn lover is to be trustworthy. 



They feel more at ease on casual, uncomplicated encounters where there is no pressure to rush into a relationship.

You can easily alienate a Pisces by attempting to be too realistic, establishing unnecessary boundaries.


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