Bodyweight Exercises You Can Do at Home

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Air Squats

Ensure you maintain proper form while moving quickly and lowering the ball; don't cut the movement short.

Beginning in a plank position, with shoulders over wrists and a straight line from shoulders to ankles, engage the core.


Bulgarian Split Squats

Bend your left knee and lower yourself until your back knee contacts the ground or your front knee bends to a 90-degree angle.

A superman lift is one of the best bodyweight exercises for working the back, making it ideal for correcting stooped posture. 

Superman Pull

Bird Dog

Shoulders should be precisely over the wrists, and knees should be under the hips.

Mountain Climbers

Begin in plank position, with shoulders over wrists and a straight line extending from shoulders to ankles.

Pistol Squat

Maintaining tension in the body, drive up through the right foot to stand up. Repeat before switching sides.

Maintain your shoulders over your wrists or elbows at all times; as you progress, your hands will replace your elbows and vice versa. 

Plank Up-Downs


Instead of keeping your legs completely straight, bend your knees at the top and bring them into a tabletop position.

Squat and place your hands beneath your shoulders from a standing position. 



Raise the arm and leg on the opposite side, hold for a few seconds, then lower and swap sides. Continue to alternate.

Avoid shifting your weight to the side while taking steps in that direction.Turn it down: Don't lunge quite as deeply.

Alternating Side Lunge

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