Cutest Dog Breeds to Inspire You to Add a New Family Member Immediately 

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1.Bernese Mountain Dogs

These working dogs have hearts of gold and are so fluffy that they’re demanding to be snuggled.

Is there anything sweeter than a Golden Retriever puppy? We believe not! But no matter what age they are, these puppies are guaranteed to be adorable.

2.Golden Retrievers


With their squished faces and eyes that have the power to melt anyone’s heart.

Dachshunds, which originate from Germany, were originally trained to hunt badgers.


5.Boston Terriers

Happy and friendly with great smiles, Boston Terriers are known to be cute, of course, but are also affectionate and will make you giggle.

Wrinkles for days! Those perpetually-worried eyes and wrinkly faces are no match for someone clutching a bag of dog treats. 

6. Bulldogs

7. Goldendoodles

With their good-natured temperaments and low-allergy fur, Goldendoodles make ideal family canines.

As the smallest canine breed around, these teacup-sized pups are naturally adorable.

8. Chihuahuas

9. Dalmatians

All those fire stations must be onto something! These days, dalmatians can be found snuggled up to their families instead of riding fire vehicles. 

10. Corgis

Towering ears. Sweet irises. And teeny-tiny thighs. Yup, corgis have all the ingredients to be the cutest canines on the planet. 

Recently, French Bulldogs were designated the top breed in the United States.

11.French Bulldogs

Snoopy is essentially the cutest cartoon dog, which makes beagles equally adorable in real life. Loyal and happy.

12. Beagles

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