Each Zodiac Sign’s Favorite Pizza Topping

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Aries is the sign of war, which is why the zodiac needs to fuel up with some protein, specifically pepperoni. 

Taureans are notorious for their love of the finer things in life, so it’s only fitting that their go-to topping would be truffles.



Tomato sauce base adds both sweetness and richness to the pizza without alienating anybody at the party.

Cheese pizza is the ultimate comfort food, so it’s no wonder why Cancers love it so much. 



The sweet, salty, and smoky flavor of bacon appeals to carnivorous instincts. It bulks up and adds some color to the humble pizza.

The topping not only “compliments the sweet, rich sauce and heaviness of the meat,” but it’s a light addition as well.



Libras are likely to order a topping that elevates a pizza from “cheap take-out to something more glamorous,” like caramelized onions.

If a pizza is a little too bland or boring you can always trust a Scorpio to add some [spice-induced] pain to make it more interesting.



Instead of choosing a conventional topping, the fire sign gravitates towards the option that represents their love of travel and adventure the most: shrimp.

Capricorns love a dirty martini, so it’s no wonder their topping of choice is olives. 



Pineapple on pizza is a highly contentious subject, but that doesn’t scare Aquarians. 

Because Pisces is represented by fish, it makes sense the water sign’s go-to pizza topping would be anchovies. 


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