Effective Morning Exercises for Weight Loss

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Go for a Run or Walk

Even though you can run on a treadmill, you should consider running outside because the pure, pollution-free air is beneficial for your heart, lungs, and mind. 

Bicycling not only burns calories but also provides leg muscles with effective endurance training. 


Circuit Training

The plan is to perform all of the exercises that comprise one circuit and then repeat the circuit, pausing only to drink water in between.

Kickboxing training is beneficial enough to increase strength. It also burns fat and teaches you effective self-defense techniques. 



It is common knowledge that the best and most suitable time to perform yoga asanas is in the morning, preferably before or around sunrise.

In addition, these stretches strengthen your muscles. It is essential to include conditioning in your workout routine.

Stretching Exercises

Speed skaters

While maintaining your arms at your sides, leap to the left and fall on your left foot.

While maintaining straight legs, bend forward and walk your palms out into a high plank position.

Walk out pushups with shoulder taps

Lay flat on your back with bent legs. Use a yoga mat for extra support. Keep your limbs at your sides and your feet flat on the floor.

Glute bridges

Plank hip dips

Keep your elbows bent and under your shoulders, your ankles hip-width apart, and your body aligned.

It is a proven fact that doing cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning helps your muscles oxidize the accumulated fatty acids in the body. 


Cool down

Cool-down exercises assist in lowering the pulse rate and stretching the muscles.

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