Energizing Yoga Poses to Help You Conquer Your Day

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1. Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose is very energizing because it helps you sense the energy of the universe in your body while grounding you. 

Adding breathwork to this can be very exhilarating, energizing, and uplifting, but it requires a great deal of lung capacity.

2. Upward Salute

Standing Forward Bend 

This is a common transitional pose between standing and poses closer to the floor.

Camel pose can assist in releasing pent-up energy.

4. Camel Pose

5. Downward-Facing Dog

It builds strength and endurance, and any inversion where the heart is higher than the head increases blood flow.

This pose also provides a necessary stretch and release for the psoas muscle.

7. Low Lunge

7. Chair Pose

This pose can help you feel strong, powerful, and energized because it engages some of your body's largest muscle groups.

Many individuals are familiar with planks and may have mixed feelings about them. 

8. Plank Pose

This pose requires a great deal of upper body strength.

9. Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Four-Limbed Staff Pose

Some people may allow their sense of self-worth to diminish if they make it all about the greatest appreciation of the pose and refuse to bend at the knees.

When the heart chakra is in balance, we are able to accept and experience the surrounding love and energies. 

10. Upward-Facing Dog 

Upward-Facing Dog

The frontal region of the body is wonderfully elongated and open, whereas the back is strong and supportive.

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