Exercises to Help Relieve Knee Pain

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1. Heel and calf stretch

This stretch targets the lower leg muscles, particularly the calf muscles.

This exercise can help increase the flexibility of your hip flexors and quadriceps.

2. Quadriceps stretch

3. Hamstring stretch

This stretch targets the hamstrings, which are located at the rear of the thigh.

Without straining your knees, half squats are an excellent method to strengthen your quadriceps, glutes, and hamstrings.

4. Half squat

5. Calf raises

This exercise strengthens the calf muscles and the back of your lower thighs.

6. Hamstring curl

The hamstring curl in standing targets the hamstrings and buttocks.

7. Leg extensions

Using your own body weight to strengthen your quadriceps, as opposed to a weighted machine, helps reduce knee stress.

When you flex your foot at the conclusion of the motion, your shins should also tighten.

8. Straight leg raises

9. Side leg raises

Hip and knee pain can be prevented and treated by strengthening these muscles.

As this exercise becomes simpler, you can add a 5-pound ankle weight and progress to heavier weights as your strength increases.

Side leg raises

10. Prone leg raises

This exercise targets both the hamstrings and buttocks.

Typically, these exercises place less burden on the joints than high-impact exercises such as running and jumping.

Prone leg raises

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