Trampoline Exercises That Will Challenge Your Body

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Jumping jacks

You can also perform this exercise by bringing your arms to shoulder height rather than aloft.

This exercise targets the muscles of your pelvic floor and thighs.

Pelvic floor jumps

Tuck jumps

From a standing position, leap up and pull the knees into the chest.

Your feet should be beneath your hips, and your limbs should be alongside your body.

Squat jumps

Butt kicker jumps

To increase the difficulty, jump up and simultaneously bend both knees, bringing both ankles toward your butt.

Seat drops

Maintain extended legs as you land on your buttocks.


This exercise cultivates coordination and strengthens the upper body, back, and core.

Focus on the mind-muscle connection and controlled movement to complete this move successfully.

Pike jumps

Single-leg bounces

This exercise improves heel stability and strength.

These exercises are ideal for older adults seeking a low-impact workout.

Jogging variations

Regular jogging

Begin by raising your knees a few inches off the ground. As you advance, raise your knees as high as possible.

From a standing position, leap upward with your thighs together.

Vertical jumps

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