Foods to Ease Constipation

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1. Berries

The seeds and skin of berries also contain insoluble fiber, which helps food move through the intestines more rapidly to prevent constipation.

Most adults require 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day, and one cup of fresh raspberries contains eight grams of fiber.

2. Prunes

Prunes, a variety of plum, are renowned as one of the most effective foods for constipation.

Vegetables are rich in dietary fiber and have additional laxative properties that prevent stools from becoming too hard or difficult to transit.

3. Veggies

4. Broccoli

For good reason, brown rice is a staple in diets around the globe. Due to its large fiber content, it is one of the best foods for constipation.

About three grams of fiber are found per cup of cooked brown rice.6 For a savory, high-fiber entrée, combine brown rice with cooked vegetables.

5. Brown Rice

6. Oats

Oats are grossly undervalued. In addition to being one of the finest foods for constipation, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that promote gut health.

One cup of walnuts contains approximately eight grams of fiber, making them, along with almonds and pecans, one of the most fiber-rich nuts.

7. Walnuts

8. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a versatile substance that can aid in constipation relief. Chia seeds can be used in pudding, preserves, overnight oats, smoothies, and salads, among other dishes.

Soybeans, which contain 17 grams of fiber per cup, are one of the greatest foods for constipation.

9. Soybeans

10. Water

you must also consume plenty of water to maintain adequate hydration. If you are dehydrated, less water can be drawn into the digestive tract to maintain soft feces.

you will not only be better able to treat acute episodes of constipation, but you will also be able to maintain regularity over time.

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