Gen Z has canceled skinny jeans

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Men on TikTok have finally realized that skinny trousers are disgusting. That is to say they are obsolete, uncouth, cringe-worthy, and completely out of date.

Gen Z has already rejected skinny jeans for women, and now men are following suit by trading in their skinny jeans for looser-fitting trousers — to widespread acclaim.

In the most recent TikTok trend, men are displaying their style transformations after removing denim from their closets.

Man in skinny jeans and a gray shirt, standing next to a patterned, colorful wall and a bicycle, while wearing skinny jeans and a gray shirt.

Years after women of Generation Z abandoned skinny jeans, males are finally catching up.

Man donning skinny jeans and a North Face jacket in a forest TikTokers display the style before and after the removal of the skinny jeans.

Now, he wears earth-toned trousers and light wash denim with a relaxed fit, paired with breezy white tees, neutral-colored sweaters, and unstructured button-down shirts.

I don't understand why skinny jeans were so popular for so long because they're so bad," wrote another, while others commented that Corradi's style is now "timeless.

Back view of a man donning skinny jeans and a white T-shirt.After changing their trouser fashion, the males of TikTok display remarkable style evolutions.

A man donning cream linen pants, a blue button-down shirt, and sunglasses. In the comments, users praised the new fashion as "timeless."

In fact, dozens of other men have abandoned skinny for sophisticated, as women demand that "all men" follow suit.

"The most significant apparel transition. It was like discovering a whole new universe, remarked another.

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