Gentle Exercises for People With Arthritis

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Can reduce anxiety and tensionYoga may also improve physical function, disease activity, and grip strength.

Walking is a wonderful joint-friendly, bone-strengthening, and aerobic activity.



Pilates may provide alleviation for rheumatoid arthritis-related symptoms.

Additionally, you can utilize a Stretch-Out device, a nylon device with integrated hand and foot loops.


Tai Chi

If you struggle with balance or are at risk of falling, Tai Chi is an excellent way to enhance your balance.

Strengthening your muscles helps you conduct daily tasks. 

Weight Lifting


Cycling, whether outdoors or on an exercise cycle, avoids the pounding of high-impact aerobic activities while still providing excellent cardiovascular benefits.

Spread your fingertips as far apart as possible, and then make a fist. Repeat this motion of extending and squeezing.

Hand Stretch


All of your muscles will be used, so beginners run the risk of overusing them.

This exercise is optimal for cardio-fit individuals seeking a non-impact, higher-intensity challenge.

Elliptical Training

Gardening consumes calories and can alleviate depression symptoms associated with rheumatoid arthritis.


Suspension training involves utilizing your own body weight in conjunction with straps suspended from an anchor point. 

Suspension Training

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