Here's The City Your Zodiac Sign Would Thrive In

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Rome is a place for an Aries to rest and play with its late nights, warm weather, delicious food, and ancient ruins.

With Milan being the fashion capital of the world, it would be a Taurus’s dream to take a shopping trip here.



The dichotomy of Berlin’s east and west sides will surely keep them occupied with its rich history and varied architecture.

If you’re a Cancer that craves being near the ocean but don’t want to give up the city life, Sydney, Australia is just the place for you.



Leo is thought to be the king of the zodiac. That’s what makes Cairo, Egypt the perfect city for this ambitious sign.

Virgos enjoy being active so exploration of the city on a bicycle is ideal... Amsterdam is a clean place where Virgos can afford to get messy.



Libras will never get sick of “posing in front of the Eiffel Tower in their most stylish outfits, exploring the Louvre.

New Orleans is a city of rich culture, tragedy, survival, and rebirth. 



Sagittarians are always down for an adventure, and Miami, Florida is filled with opportunities to let loose and go wild.

Capricorns know how to stick to a budget, so taking a trip to an expensive city like London.



Aquarians are always up for a challenge, and New York City has a reputation for being a tough (yet rewarding) city to live in.

It is referred to as the ‘Holy City; and is sacred to Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. 


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