High-Calorie Fruits to Help You Gain Weight

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Bananas are a great option if you want to acquire weight.

In addition, they are high in calories and healthful fats, making them a great option for those who wish to gain weight.


Coconut meat

Coconut is a fruit that has acquired popularity due to its numerous health benefits.

Mangoes, like bananas, are an excellent source of calories, primarily from carbohydrates.


Dried fruits

Dried fruit contains the same amount of micronutrients as fresh fruit but is more convenient and less likely to deteriorate (7Reliable Sources).

They are typically sold desiccated in the majority of Western nations and are rich in nutrients.



Prunes are dried fruits that are packed with nutrients.

Apricots are a well-known yellow stone fruit that can be eaten both raw and dried.

Dried apricots

Dried figs

Dried figs are delicious on their own or as a garnish for cereals, yogurt, or salads.

Additionally, raisins are an excellent source of copper, manganese, magnesium, and numerous B vitamins.



Sultanas are another variety of dried grape, similar to raisins.

Additionally, currants are rich in zinc, potassium, magnesium, and other micronutrients.


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