How Each Zodiac Sign Acts Around Their Crush

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They know just what to say and when to say it when they like someone. Whether or whether an Aries likes you will not be a mystery.


While conversing with their crush, they make every effort to conceal their blushing and giggling.


Geminis tend to spend a lot of time with their crush and make it appear as if they are just friends.


Cancer, whose body and soul are composed of sentiments and emotions, prefers to admire their crush from a distance. 


Leo is a fire sign, and they have little tolerance for nuance. This aspect of their personality does not change while they are near their crush. 


As with their ideal existence, Virgos will document their crush. They will recognize their behaviors and speech patterns and will mimic them.


They will ensure that their crush recognizes and appreciates their uniqueness around them.


It is no different when it comes to their crush; all they can think about is their upcoming romantic getaway. 


This sign values autonomy and thrives on novelty. It is difficult to keep track of the crushes Sagittarius has had. 


They will have an intense infatuation on someone, but only that individual will be aware.


Aquarius developed the phrase "blushing and running" because they will do whatever to avoid making the first move on their crush. 


Pisces will make their crush feel important and heard while they are chilling out together. 

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