How to Be Happier, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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1. Aries : Take the initiative.

Aries are natural leaders, so they're happiest when they're in charge, can display their pioneering energies.

2. Taurus : Begin an important collection.

Taurus gravitates toward stability and security. Thus it should come as no surprise that for this sign to be happiest, feeling solid and secure is essential. 

3. Gemini : Hold profound dialogues.

Being ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Gemini is bestowed with the gift of gab.

4. Cancer : Enhance your connections.

 persons with Cancer as their zodiac sign are typically happiest when they are emotionally invested in their home life.

5. Leo : Let go of your egotism.

 Leo makes happiness an unavoidable condition. And since it already has a solid basis of happiness, the heavenly lion may focus even more on happiness. 

6.Virgo:Temper your perfectionism

Virgos have a natural need for perfection, which may be quite taxing if they do not learn to set limits. Bennet advises.

7. Libra : Work on your relationship with yourself

This Venus sign adores love, therefore Libras are typically happiest when they have a friend, lover, or more who is on par with them.

8. Scorpio : Highly powerful planets.

 Scorpio to achieve true happiness, they must connect with their sources of power, change, and control.

9. Sagittarius : Embrace novelty.

People must grow and encounter new things on spiritual, intellectual, and other levels.

10. Capricorn : Establish attainable objectives.

They tend to be quite critical of themselves, which can prevent them from experiencing happiness.

11. Aquarius : Be yourself

Happiness may feel like a social construct to Aquarius, since this zodiac sign may find it difficult to sit with their feelings.

12. Pisces: Express your imagination.

The Pisces sun sign tend to imbue everything they touch with a dreamlike quality, from the way. 

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