How to Lose Fat Without Losing Muscle

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1. Stick with your workout routine

Just as there are multiple types of fat in food, there are multiple types of fat in your body. 

White fat stores excess energy and can contribute to obesity, whereas brown fat actually burns calories. 

Stick with your workout routine

2. Take a vitamin D supplement

Daily vitamin D supplementation may be an effective strategy for fat loss. 

People who began a weight-loss program with higher levels of vitamin D lost more weight.

Take a vitamin D supplement

3. Move more

Get up and move around for at least five minutes every hour. 

Take a meander throughout the workplace. 

Move more

4. Green tea

A review of studies concluded that regular consumption of green tea may aid in weight loss.

This weight loss is attributable to EGCG, a substance known to inhibit fat absorption. 

Green tea

5. Practice mindful eating

Focus on eating mindfully at every meal, consider setting down your fork between bites. 

Mouthful to slow down your eating and potentially reduce your calorie intake, which can contribute to weight loss.

Practice mindful eating

6. Make nutritious food choices

Consider healthy snacks like fruit with yogurt, vegetables with hummus, and whole-grain bread with nut butter.

Even if you continue to consume less nutrient-dense foods in moderation, these small, consistent dietary decisions will help you achieve your weight loss.

Make nutritious food choices

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